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ABC Loves Kids

ABC Word Academy is housed on the campus of Living Word Fellowship Church in Houston, Texas. We provide a safe and nurturing Christian environment where children 18 months to 3 years old can enjoy learning and developing rich relationships with other children. We have a low child to teacher ratio. For Toddlers the ratio is 9:1, 11:1 for 2 years to Pre-school 2 and a 15:1 ratio for Pre-school 3 aged children.

A quality educational program impacts many areas of a child’s development, not just academics. Your choice in a pre-school can also impact the way your child socializes and responds to other kids as well as adults and the world around them.

Our pre-school program is built on a strong Christian foundation which leads to positive self-image and strong character. We focus on developing age-appropriate activities that are designed to stimulate and enhance your child’s growth and development. We also provide creative play spaces where children can have fun just being kids. If you would like to find out more about ABC Word Academy, complete the short contact form to the right or call us at (281) 445-9673.

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