Session Date Theme Description
2 7/11/2017 Mountain Movers How to deal with problematic children (problems with children at school and home)
2 7/18/2017 Mountain Movers What to do when everything fails (You could not fix it on your own, somethings are God problems)
2 7/25/2017 Mountain Movers How to come to the Lord (Ways to come to the Lord in humility, expectancy)
2 8/1/2017 Mountain Movers What to do when people fail you (people will let you down and government will let you down)
3 10/10/2017 At His Feet How to spend some alone time with Jesus (Lord wants to speak to me, I receive joy, peace and comfort at His feet)
3 10/17/2017 At His Feet How to deal with verbal/physical abuse in the marriage (dealing with verbal/physical abuse in marriage)
3 10/24/2017 At His Feet How to handle distractions in the church and home (problems with self, family, people in the church, enemy etc.)
3 10/31/2017 At His Feet How to receive the Word at His feet (decide to receive the Word,listen to His voice, make time)
3 11/7/2017 At His Feet How to deal with grief (sickness, death, loss of loved ones)
3 11/14/2017 At His Feet Accepting what God allowed (dealing with the Whys in life, Why is the Lord allowing this to happen to me)

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